The Wannabe Herbivore: plant-based diet

The First Post

The first post on a blog is always an interesting read.

Sometimes it’s good interesting, sometimes not so good. Where do you start?

I will begin with my goals for this blog. I hope to post about 2-3 times a week. Mostly, it will be a food journal for me, to see if I’m staying on track and so I can’t make excuses to myself all the time (“those cheesy corn chips were totally ok!”).

However, I am not planning to be 100% plant-based yet, so please cut me some slack when I slip up. I want to be kept on track, but not berated every time I make a mistake.

I usually plan my meals in advance, and make batches, so I’ll have meal repeats during the week. While I like to keep things interesting with new recipes, I am not a gourmet chef or food photographer, so please don’t expect anything fantastic!

I also hope to learn more about food and nutrition by doing this, so I will sometimes post about new information I’ve discovered.

So, let’s get started!

Today, Monday, I was not completely plant-based.

I had two breakfasts, which is normal for me. First, I had a smoothie with almond milk, pear, banana and kale before I left home. Once I got to work I had my porridge (or oats, to some people) with berries, chia seeds and pumpkin seed meal.

For morning tea I had muesli with rice milk. The muesli had honey in it, and that is where I slipped up. I think I will finish the box, and then look at getting a different type.

Lunch was carrot and zucchini ribbon pasta with a tomato sauce base, mushrooms, tofu and spinach.

The Wannabe Herbivore: Zucchini and carrot ribbon pasta

My afternoon snack was a different muesli – a sample we had in the office. There was no honey and it was really good! It’s from Mix My Muesli, and I will look into getting some more for myself.

Dinner was brown rice, bok choi, onion and satay tofu.

The Wannabe Herbivore: brown rice, bok choi and satay tofu

So all in all, not a bad day for this wannabe herbivore!


3 thoughts on “The First Post”

  1. I’m totally on board with “second breakfast”, and yes, I do slip up too with the plant-based foods. My husband is absolutely mad for honey, so that won’t happen until we can find a substitute. I’ll be interested to follow your journey. Best of luck! Maybe we can support each other?


    1. Ha ha, thanks Kat! Second breakfast is the best. I’d love to support each other! I’m about to write my next post about the last couple of days, and I’ve definitely encountered some issues, so any advice and support would be much appreciated!

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