The Wannabe Herbivore: dumplings and broccoli


My plant-based journey continues!

While I’m still very new to this, I have discovered some amazing vegan blogs, and am already feeling the support from others. Thanks guys!

My last two days of plant-based eating have been a semi-success, but I have made a couple of mistakes (and, I hope, learned from them).

I have really had it reinforced that my biggest issue in staying plant-based is social pressure. I need to get over what other people think, or the fear that I’m inconveniencing others.

The fact is, the people I have told have been very supportive and are happy to help me achieve my goal. In reality, it doesn’t really effect them at all, so why do I worry about it so much?

Having said that, social eating is the main reason I have set my goal to be 80%-90% plant-based, rather than 100%.

So here is what I ate:

The food I made for myself and ate during the day on Tuesday and Wednesday kept to my goal. I had the same breakfast(s) as usual, being a green smoothie and porridge with berries. Both days I ate my second breakfast quite late, so didn’t need morning tea.

Lunch was the same both days, too, being brown rice with red onion, bok choy and satay tofu; leftovers from Monday night’s dinner. Not going to lie, it was delicious!

The Wannabe Herbivore: brown rice, red onion, bok choy, and satay tofu.
My delicious leftovers!

Afternoon tea varied across the days, but included carrot and capsicum sticks and rice cakes with avocado and black pepper. Some lemon juice on the avocado would have been nice, but I wasn’t that prepared.

The Wannabe Herbivore: avocado and rice cakes
Afternoon snack – rice cakes and avocado.

On Tuesday, I had dinner with my friend Toyah at a dumpling house in the city. I used to be housemates with Toyah, so she knows my preference for vegetarian/vegan food, and her family are always so sweet and inclusive of me at get-togethers. So I explained what I was doing to her, and she was more than happy to help me along. We ordered vegetarian dumplings, Chinese broccoli and pumpkin cakes.

The Wannabe Herbivore: dumplings and broccoli
Vegetarian dumplings and Chinese broccoli at dinner.

One issue I came across was that I don’t actually know all of the ingredients in the dishes, such as pumpkin cakes. Does anyone know if these are vegan?

Apart from a bit of vagueness, I was feeling generally good about my decisions, until I realised afterwards that the broccoli had oyster sauce on it. Big fail!

On Wednesday, I had dinner with a family friend. She chose the venue, and it unfortunately had limited vegetarian options. Again, she was really sweet and happy to share vegetarian dishes, but it definitely wasn’t a plant-based meal.

What I learned from these experiences is that I need to be more aware of what I’m eating, and perhaps do a bit more research. I also need to work on worrying about others so much, but that may take a bit of getting used to.

I’m happy to say that I’m not craving non-vegan food, such as chocolate or cheese, and that is making things much easier. I just need to say no to other people!

If anyone has advice, please share! How do you deal with the social aspect of being plant-based?


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