The Wannabe Herbivore: fruit toast

Feeling Inspired

Hey everyone!

So here I am with my next update, focusing on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Overall, I’d say these days have been pretty good food-wise.

On Thursday  I had a smoothie for my first breakfast, and had intentions of porridge for my second breakfast. However, we usually have an office breakfast outing on Fridays, but since none of us would be there on Good Fridat, we had it on Thursday instead.

The cafe we go to doesn’t really have great plant-based options, and I’m always hesitant to order off the menu. I got fruit toast with apricot jam and pistachios. Normally it comes with honey mascarpone, but I asked them not to bring it out. I knew I wasn’t going to eat it, and I didn’t want them to have to throw it out. The fruit toast was quite good, but next week I might see if they can do a simple toast and avocado.

The Wannabe Herbivore: fruit toast
My office breakfast

I ate my porridge as an early lunch, and then decided not to eat the lunch I had brought with me. Instead, I tried a cafe down the road called The Bear Cafe, that does all vegan food. It’s my new favourite place! I got a toasted sandwich, that was olive and rosemary bread filled with mushrooms, capsicum, caramelised onion and vegan cheese. The picture doesn’t do it justice, but I couldn’t wait any longer to eat it.

The Wannabe Herbivore: Toasted sandwich
Sandwich from my new favourite cafe

Afternoon tea was veggie sticks, and dinner was cheater pad thai by Happy Herbivore.

Friday was good also. My sister and I went to my friend’s house for an “orphans’ Easter”. Not that we’re orphans! Our mum lives a few hours away, and was going interstate for Easter, so we decided not to do any family things this year. But my friend’s family always have an “orphans’ Easter” for friends and neighbours who don’t have anything on.

I wasn’t sure if the hot cross buns they ordered would be plant-based, so I had porridge for breakfast. Then when we left their place, we dropped by my new favourite cafe (my friend’s house is near there, I swear!) and got another delicious toasted sandwich! This time it was roast pumpkin. I also had a Mister Nice Guy’s cupcake. So happy I found this place!

The Wannabe Herbivore: Mister Nice Guy's cupcake
Cupcake time!

Dinner was a hodge-podge of leftovers.

Saturday was full of carbs! I’m not anti-carb by any means, but I pretty much just ate from the one food group all day. For breakfast, I bought a light rye sourdough loaf and made a fresh batch of hummus, so had toast with hummus and tomato.

The Wannabe Herbivore: Sourdough and hummus
Fresh hummus is so good

I then donated blood, and am usually so excited about the refreshments bar afterwards, but was a bit limited this time around. Obviously they want you to have a good amount of calories to get some energy back, but I couldn’t really eat chocolate muffins and cookies. So I had some plain chips (or crisps for those not in Australia), a juice, and a hot cross bun I’d brought from home that I knew to be vegan.

After I got home, I pretty much ate toast and hummus all afternoon, and then made creamy garlic pasta for dinner. I found the recipe here, added spinach to it, and it was so good! It was also really easy to make. I highly recommend it.

Overall, I feel good about what I’m eating and I’m having a lot of fun making new recipes. Even though I have dabbled with plant-based food before, I have a renewed sense of excitement and inspiration in the kitchen. I think this is down to feeling a lot better physically and mentally after just a few (not-perfect) days eating this way.

Today is Easter Sunday, and while I have requested no chocolate, I will make today my cheat day. I’ll fill you all in on that next time!

Happy Easter everyone!


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