The Wannabe Herbivore: Mix My Muesli delivery

Catching Up!

I’m back! Apologies for not having written sooner.

This week was only a three-day week in Australia, as ANZAC day means we get Friday off. But because Easter fell so close to ANZAC day, it resulted in a very short week.

This is not a bad thing, but it did mean that everyone had to try to fit five days of work into three, which for me meant not a lot of time for personal blogging.

This week was also a challenge in other ways. Let me be clear in saying that it was not a bad week. Generally, it was a happy and positive week and all is good! But I was having serious sugar and junk food cravings, so not my healthiest week.

Let’s start on Monday (if I can remember that far back). I’d been craving brunch food, but quite specific, so my Sunday brunch didn’t satisfy. So I made my own version with baked beans (based on the Freestyle Beans recipe from Eamon Sullivan), mushrooms with thyme, roasted tomatoes, spinach with garlic, and light rye sourdough with avocado. YUM! Craving satisfied. I made enough of that to eat for lunch a couple of times this week, as well.

The Wannabe Herbivore: brunch

Honestly, I can’t remember exactly what else I ate on Monday, but I imagine toast with hummus featured quite a bit.

Tuesday I was back at work and there was a birthday to celebrate. We always do cake (or donuts), but I didn’t partake. Between you and me, I would have done bad things for some sugar, but I reminded myself how crappy it makes me feel, and had some chocolate tea when I got home instead.

I think I had leftovers of the creamy pasta for lunch, and left over “brunch” for dinner. Rice cakes with hummus and veggie sticks for snacks, and the usual green smoothie and porridge for breakfast.

Wednesday started off as usual. I had a smoothie and porridge, and then probably some muesli as a snack. But when it got to lunch, I just wanted some fried food. So I treated myself to a munch box from Lord of The Fries. And boy did it hit the spot!

The Wannabe Herbivore: Lord of the Fries munch box
Lord of the Fries munch box

I got fries and onion rings, with vegan gravy and cheese. I felt a little bloated afterwards, as tends to happen with fried food, but it’s nice having a vegan fast food option for those days when that’s all you want.

For dinner I had the last bit of the creamy pasta. That was such a good recipe, I’ll definitely make it again.

Thursday was a struggle! I didn’t sleep well on Wednesday night, so I was feeling a little testy from being tired and what-not. It is a great testament to the plant-based diet that I was only testy and not full-blown grumpy. But I did feel very hungry all day and wanted to eat all the bad things!

I had toast and porridge for breakfast, then a bowl of muesli, and I was still hungry, so ate my “brunch” leftovers for lunch at 11am. Whoops!

I decided later that I was going to get vegan hot jam donuts from down the street, because it was that kind of day, but my plans were foiled as they had sold out. Probably for the best.

BUT –  thank you universe – not long after, I received a delivery of some muesli (honey-free) that I’d ordered from Mix My Muesli. It was the perfect solution to my hunger, a nice afternoon pick-me-up, and it means I can stop eating the shared packet in the work kitchen (sorry, everyone).

The Wannabe Herbivore: Mix My Muesli delivery
My muesli delivery!

For dinner, I ordered the mushroom pizza with vegan cheese from Mr. Natural Vegetarian Pizza. It’s not really your traditional pizza, but it’s delicious and it was much lighter than normal pizza. I didn’t feel gross afterwards. There’s a couple of pieces left, so that will be my lunch today.

The Wannabe Herbivore: Mr. Natural Vegetarian Pizza
Terrible lighting, great pizza

That’s my week so far. Even though I was craving unhealthy foods this week, I am lucky that there are so many vegan options available to me on a daily basis. I am really enjoying getting involved in this lifestyle and community.

Have a great rest of the week, everyone!


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