The First Post

The first post on a blog is always an interesting read.

Sometimes it’s good interesting, sometimes not so good. Where do you start?

I will begin with my goals for this blog. I hope to post about 2-3 times a week. Mostly, it will be a food journal for me, to see if I’m staying on track and so I can’t make excuses to myself all the time (“those cheesy corn chips were totally ok!”).

However, I am not planning to be 100% plant-based yet, so please cut me some slack when I slip up. I want to be kept on track, but not berated every time I make a mistake.

I usually plan my meals in advance, and make batches, so I’ll have meal repeats during the week. While I like to keep things interesting with new recipes, I am not a gourmet chef or food photographer, so please don’t expect anything fantastic!

I also hope to learn more about food and nutrition by doing this, so I will sometimes post about new information I’ve discovered.

So, let’s get started!

Today, Monday, I was not completely plant-based.

I had two breakfasts, which is normal for me. First, I had a smoothie with almond milk, pear, banana and kale before I left home. Once I got to work I had my porridge (or oats, to some people) with berries, chia seeds and pumpkin seed meal.

For morning tea I had muesli with rice milk. The muesli had honey in it, and that is where I slipped up. I think I will finish the box, and then look at getting a different type.

Lunch was carrot and zucchini ribbon pasta with a tomato sauce base, mushrooms, tofu and spinach.

The Wannabe Herbivore: Zucchini and carrot ribbon pasta

My afternoon snack was a different muesli – a sample we had in the office. There was no honey and it was really good! It’s from Mix My Muesli, and I will look into getting some more for myself.

Dinner was brown rice, bok choi, onion and satay tofu.

The Wannabe Herbivore: brown rice, bok choi and satay tofu

So all in all, not a bad day for this wannabe herbivore!